From show-saving UPS’s and step-down transformers to quick-change tents and bar stools.

Honeywell 15″ Fan
Honeywell 17″ Fan


Bar Stool

Porter & Davies BC2 Shaker + Amp
Buttkicker Shaker + Amp

Clearsonic Perspex Screen: H: 166cm, W: 3m

König & Meyer Music Stands w/light

Quick Change tent for backstage 250cm x 250cm x 200cm
Quick Change tent for backstage 300cm x 300cm x 200cm
All materials are fire retardant – easy to set up by only one person


Sennheiser A2003 Active Antenna Splitter

Sennheiser ASA1 Passive Antenna
Sennheiser EW 500 G3 Receiver
Sennheiser EW 500 G3 Transmitter


Boss BF-3 – Flanger
Boss CE-5 – Stereo Chorus
Boss DD-3 – Digital Delay
Boss DS-1 – Super Overdrive
Boss FS 5L – Switch (latched)
Boss FS 5U – Switch (unlatched)
Boss FV 50L – Volume Pedal
Boss FV 300L – Volume Pedal
Boss FV 500L – Volume Pedal
Boss FV 500H – Volume Pedal (high impedance)
Boss PH-3 – Phase Shifter
Boss SD-1 – Super Over Drive
Boss TU-2 – Tuner
Boss TU-3 – Tuner

Ernie Ball – Volume Pedal

Ibanez TS9 – Tube Screamer

Jim Dunlop GCB-95 Cry Baby – Wah

Korg DT 10 – Tuner
Korg PB-05 Pitchblack Pro Rackmount – Tuner

Line 6 DLF – Delay

T-rex Tremster – Classic Tremolo
T-rex Room-Mate – Tube-driven Reverb
T-rex Squeezer – Tube-driven Compressor
T-rex Replica – Delay
T-rex Michael Angelo Batio – Overdrive
T-rex Fuel Tank – Power Supply

TC Electronic Polytune 2 – Tuner
TC Electronic Polytune Clip – Tuner
TC Electronic Corona – Chorus
TC Electronic Dark Matter – Distortion
TC Electronic Ditto – Looper
TC Electronic Flashback X4 – Delay
TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 – Reverb
TC Electronic Mojo Mojo – Overdrive
TC Electronic Sentry – Noise Gate
TC Electronic Shaker – Vibrato
TC Electronic Spark – Boost
TC Electronic Sub N’ Up – Octave

Yamaha FC 7 – Expression Pedal


Adam Hall SLT 001 E – Desktop Laptop Stand
Adam Hall SLT 003 – Laptop Stand

Bespeco keyboard table – Available as 1 & 2-tier stand

Hercules DS 510BB – Trumpet Stand
Hercules DS 531B – Flugelhorn/Soprano Stand
Hercules DS 532B Multi Stand – Tenor/Alto Multi Stand
Hercules DS535B – Baritone Sax Stand
Hercules DS 543BB – Flute/Clarinet/Piccolo Stand
Hercules GS 401BB – Mini Acoustic Guitar Stand
Hercules GS 414B – Guitar/Bass Stand
Hercules GS 415B – Guitar/Bass Stand
Hercules HC DS 571BB – Violin/Viola Stand
Hercules HC-DS-580B – Cello Stand
Hercules HC-DS-590B – Double Bass Stand

K&M 11888 – Music Stand
K&M 12155 – Laptop Stand
K&M 14300 – Tenor/Alto Saxophone Stand
K&M 14985 – Trombone Stand
K&M 15230 – Trumpet Stand
K&M 18950 – 1-Tier Keyboard Table
K&M 18952 – 2-Tier Keyboard Table Extension

Quiklok BX-718 Piano Bench
Quiklok WS-550 1-tier Keyboard Table
Quiklok X model Keyboard Stand  – Available as 1 & 2-tier stand
Quiklok Z model Keyboard Stand – Available as 1 & 2-tier stand

Ultimate Support Apex AX-48 – Available as 1, 2 & 3-tier stand

Ultracase Utility Tray
Ultracase Tech Box
Ultracase GSX-4 – 4 Way Guitar Stand
Ultracase GSX-6 – 6 Way Guitar Stand
Ultracase GSX-8 – 8 Way Guitar Stand


Dummy Marshall JCM 900 – 1960A 4×12″ Speaker
Dummy Marshall JCM 900 – 1960B 4×12″ Speaker
Dummy Marshall JCM 2000 Amp
Dummy Marshall JCM 800 – 2203 Amp
Dummy Marshall JCM 900 – 4100 Amp

Dummy Grand Piano Shell (D: 168cm x B: 153cm x H: 98cm)

Dummy Pianette

Dummy Upright Piano w/Roland RD-600 Piano – 88 (L: 145cm x H: 137cm x D: 66cm)

Dummy Grand Piano Shell

(D: 168cm x B: 153cm x H: 98cm)

Dummy Upright Piano w/Roland RD-600 Piano – 88

(L: 145cm x H: 137cm x D: 66cm)

Flextent Quick Change Black w/Light & Mirror

(L: 3m x W: 3m x H: 2m)
(L: 2m x W: 2m x H: 2m)

Quick Change Yellow w/Light & Mirror

(L: 2.5m x W: 2.5m x H: 2m)